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bit DSP comparison table bit One HD bit One bit Nove bit Ten D bit Ten
Audio Inputs Analog inputs (high levels / pre in) 12 high lev. + 6 pre in 8 high lev. + 6 pre in 6 high lev. + 6 pre in 4 high lev. + 4 pre in 4 high lev. + 4 pre in
Analog low-level stereo auxiliary input 1 2 1 1 1
USS technology
Optical digital input 2 1 2 1
Electric coaxial digital input 1
High-level momentary audio interrupt input with system turn on capability (with Phone Mute IN) for use with mobile phone or navigation systems 1 1 1
Audio Outputs Independent analog PRE channels featuring adjustable level 13 IIR – 9 FIR 8 9 5 5
Independent digital audio channels through AD Link output (CAT5 STP LAN cable for use with AD Link provided amplifiers) 13 IIR – 9 FIR 8 8
Input/Output Controls USB /B (2.0 / micro USB 2.0 only for bit One HD) connector for PC connection
AC Link control bus connectors for DRC / DRC MP / DRC AB and provided amplifiers
Remote In/Key mem
Remote out with fixed delay or adjustable by PC adj. fixed adj. adj. adj.
Mute In and Phone Mute controls settable by PC to switch the audio inputs to auxiliary inputs with turn on capability
System Configuration Full range stereo signal derived through automatic summing high level input channels
Auto tune with Audison bit Tune
Guided procedure that, thanks to a wide range of set names, provides the ability to assign each speakers channel to the bit processor connections and automatically coordinate their functioning
In/Out Volume Reference tone/signal for sensitivity adjusting CD-DVD CD-DVD CD CD CD
Main input sensitivity adjustement automatic with PC automatic with PC manual manual manual
Independent level control for each output channel for system fine tuning -40 ÷ 0 dB -40 ÷ 0 dB -40 ÷ 0 dB -40 ÷ 0 dB -40 ÷ 0 dB
Equalizer Dynamic equalizer: self-adjusting gain between low and high listening levels
Bass Boost Adjustable parametric pole (±12 dB; 10 ÷ 500 Hz) Adjustable parametric pole (±12 dB; 10 ÷ 500 Hz)
Automatic de-equalization (with supplied Test CD *- DVD – Audio files) with ‘time delay compensation’
Equalizers for each auxiliary inputs 5 pole parametric FFT eq. using FIR filters 31 band (1/3 oct; +/-12dB)
Independent graphic equalizers for each output channels 11 pole parametric eq. using IIR filters 31 band (1/3 oct; +/-12dB) N.9 Parametrics Equalizers: ±12 dB;10 pole; 31 band (1/3 oct; +/-12dB) 31 band (1/3 oct; +/-12dB)
5 parametric poles main equalization, FIR type, to “shape” the sound of the entire system according to the user’s personal music preferences
Crossover Filter Filter typology: Hi-pass, Lo-pass, Full Range, Band-pass
Cut-off frequency steps 70 (10 Hz to 20 kHz) + direct numeric frequency input 70 (10 Hz to 20 kHz) 68 (20 Hz to 20 kHz) 68 (20 Hz to 20 kHz) 68 (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Filter mode and Cut-off slope FIR mode with dedicated Firmaware version / Linkwitz -Butterworth -Bessel 6 to 48 dB/Oct. Linkwitz -Butterworth 6 to 48 dB/Oct. Linkwitz -Butterworth 6 to 24 dB/Oct. Linkwitz -Butterworth 6 to 24 dB/Oct. Linkwitz -Butterworth 6 to 24 dB/Oct.
Bandpass filter with asymmetrical slope setting
Mute: Selectable for each output (On/Off)
Phase: Selectable for each output (0°/180°)
Time Alignment Guided procedure for the speaker distance data entry with an automated calculation of proper delay times for each channel for accurate time alignment set-up
Delay 0 ÷ 22 ms 0 ÷ 22 ms 0 ÷ 15 ms 0 ÷ 15 ms 0 ÷ 15 ms
DRC / DRC MP / DRC AB Digital Remote Control (DRC/DRC MP/ DRC AB) supplied with product (DRC MP) (DRC) Optional (DRC AB) (DRC) Optional (DRC/DRC MP)
Master Volume control, Subwoofer Volume control, Balance control, Fader control; Input selection; memory selection
Bass Boost control
Dynamic Equalizer On/Off
Memory Available presets separately managed and recalled by the DRC/DRC MP/DRC AB Remote Control 8 (DRC MP) 4 4 2 2
bit software Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) based software with “Standard” and “Expert” operating modes; minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 600 px