A New, Comprehensive Approach


With bit Drive, Audison delivers the DSP software of the future. It configures itself for each product it controls, allowing it to control bit products we haven’t even imagined yet!

Even though we’ve modernized the user interface, key operations are still where Audison veteran dealers expect to find them. Info tips for new icons and embedded help files have been added to assist first-timers. The Configuration Wizard makes setup faster than ever, and any further change can be done at any moment. Audison R&D has also upgraded the OEM Integration section and the Acoustic Tuning controls section with more powerful tools and capabilities, including also Electrical and Acoustic measurement onboard.

Bit Drive is the future.

New Graphical User Interface

a technician's most powerful tool
  • Improved user controls for selecting frequency, channel, slope, and bandwidth
  • Infotip support – hover the cursor over an icon to see its definition
  • Integrated help – each core functional area contains one-click guidance
  • Color-coded linking of the interface controls to the selected channel keeps the technician always focused on the proper channel.
  • Integrated electrical and acoustic measurement and analysis without leaving the application (compatible USB microphone required for acoustic RTA function)

Initial System Setup

speed equals efficiency
  • Automatic Routing in Configuration Wizard speeds up configuration; manual controls allow unlimited possibilities
  • Auto crossover settings preloaded for Audison speakers
  • Direct entry of distance values supported from the keyboard
  • Options for automatic Input de-eq, de-time and de-phase
  • Full mixing and polarity control
  • Edit, activate, bridge at any time

OEM Integration

compare, correct, confirm
  • Electrical RTA onboard with integrated Input channel EQ
  • Measure and compare the OEM signals for:
    • Amplitude​
    • Phase​
    • Polarity​
    • Time

Automatic and manual tools to correct and sum OEM signals:

  • de-EQ​
  • de-Phase​
  • de-Time


Measure, Manage, Match
  • Improved crossover slope/frequency selection controls
  • Includes Acoustic RTA measurement in the EQ display
  • Compatible with several models of USB microphone and USB sound card
  • Adds cancellation management tools
  • Use the following tools to match Left and Right to the target:
    • Level
    • Polarity
    • EQ – Parametric, Graphic, Phase
    • Notch
    • Shelf
    • Phase all-pass filters
    • Delay
  • Final Tuning EQ for fine-tuning the result without damaging the left/right response symmetry
Download bit Drive Software