BMW Replacement Speakers
mars 16, 2022

Audison has engineered a system of BMW replacement speakers – a 200mm shallow-frame underseat woofer, 100mm midranges with 3-post aluminum cast frames, and Tetelon textile-dome tweeters. The midrange and coaxials are available in both 3-post frame sizes used by BMW and MINI. Connection is plug-and-play. The underseat woofers are available in both 2Ω and 4Ω values, while the other speakers are 4Ω. The speakers can be used as replacements with OEM amplification, but best results are attained when used in a system upgrade that includes Audison Prima bit amplifiers and BMW integration harnesses.

Tweeter: Audison R&D used a Tetolon silk/Cotton blend for light weight and improved damping, and this tweeter has the largest dome of any BMW replacement tweeter – while still snapping into the same mount as the OEM tweeter. The audison 29mm dome has 34% more surface area than a 25mm dome, and that means more output, a lower resonant frequency, and greater low-frequency extension. Most BMW replacement tweeters have 25mm domes – only Audison offers this improved performance. A rear resonant chamber could not be used, since there is not enough depth in some BMW models. The tweeter uses a simple inline crossover filter in plug-and-play upgrade applications, but it sounds best in fully-active configurations, of course.

An adapter is included to fit this tweeter into certain rear-deck fitments, where the stock tweeter is angled forward. For some X5 and X6 models, a door mounting adapter is available.

Midrange: The neodymium-alloy magnet provides more motor strength in a smaller package, permitting fitment into the shallowest BMW doors, such as the E92/E93 3 coupe and convertible. The vented rear pole assists with cooling and improves power handling. The cast aluminum frame eliminates eddy currents caused by frame deformation due to road vibrations, and the waterproofed paper cone lasts longer than OEM untreated paper cones. 



While there are two different frames with two differently-spaced mounting hole patterns, the cone and moving assembly are identical, and the driver parameters are identical for either model.

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