October 29, 2019


The bit One HD Virtuoso further improves its integration level with OEM Head Units with the RVA (Remote Volume Aux) function.

This exclusive technology provides the ability to select an auxiliary source (I.e.: a HI-Res audio player or auxiliary wireless interface connected by digital inputs) and adjust its volume via the OEM Head Unit, offering full support to the management of the car priority signals such as parking sensor alerts, GPS messages, phone and vocal commands whilst music is played through the auxiliary source.

This function can be enabled in two ways:

1. By connecting a jack cable to the OEM Head Unit analog AUX IN and to the bit One HD RVA connector

2. By storing the “RVA TONE TEST” file on a USB key or SD card (depending on the car model) and activating the function from the Head Unit with the selection of the storage device via the AUX IN button.

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