Pop-up Confirmation SW Download

The firmware upgrade returns the AP bit to factory settings, thus deleting the tuning setup stored in its memory. If you don’t want to keep the current setup, or if the device has never been setup before, please proceed with the download by clicking here.
Otherwise if you want to keep and restore your tuning setup at the end of the upgrade procedure, please make sure to save it in your PC before proceeding. The setup can be restored afterwards.

WARNING: a PC with SW release v. or higher cannot get access to an AP bit with lower FW release. If this is your case, in order to save the AP bit setup file in your PC and then reload it after the upgrade procedure you need to follow these steps:

  • Turn off the AP bit and do a SW downgrade, by installing in your PC the old SW version compatible with the current AP bit FW release (available for download on the Audison web portal);
  • Turn on the AP bit and save the setup file in your PC;
  • Close the SW;
  • Reinstall in your PC the new SW release v. (available for download on the Audison web portal).