High-Resolution Audio

Listening to music is about pleasure and to make the most of the listening experience
you will want nothing less than the best sound quality.
With a level of sound detail that's higher than CD, hi-res audio allows you to enjoy music as it was created and
intended by the artist, with all the original nuances and impressively sharp clarity.
This is why once you enter high-resolution audio, you'll never want to go back!

To fully enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio master
quality sound
you need:

the best car audio system

Full DA HD is Audison hi-res technology providing pure
digital signal transfer from the source, through the
processor into the amplifiers, and recreating the emotions
of a live performance in your car.

Discover Full DA HD
high-quality music files

MP3s made music sharing extremely easy, but its
compressed file format brought a significant loss in sound
quality. For audiophiles and music lovers high quality
digital music is a priority, they want to listen to their
favorite tracks in the rich and full sound of original analog
audio sources. High-Resolution Audio brings music back
to life delivering outstanding quality level.

With Audison and ProStudioMasters you can have both!

We are happy to offer our customers exclusive benefits to download high-quality audio files from one of the best hires
music store:
ProStudioMasters is a premium download music service offering digital high-resolution studio
masters received directly from major and independent record labels, a truly impressive catalog of rock, jazz,
alternative and classical titles.
Music audio downloads are available in uncompressed AIFF, DSD and lossless FLAC formats in hi-resolutions, all free of Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Free Download Sampler

Exclusively created for Audison in 96 kHz/24 bit high resolution audio format

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Enjoy it :)