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BMW OEM replacement

This Plug&Play T-Harness provides the ability to install an Audison AF bit amplifier on BMW vehicles equipped with RAM module. It is compatible with “Standard” and “Hi-Fi” sound system. The OEM seven-channel amplifier is connected via a forty-two pin multipolar connector.

AFBMW ReAMP 3 allows AF Forza user to:

  1. Retrieve the OEM source front mid/high, rear mid/high, underseat low-pass and center signals;
  2. Route the AF bit amplifier outputs to each of the OEM amplifier seven channels: (Mid-Hi FL; Mid-Hi FR; WF FL; WF FR; RL; RR; Centre)
    • The Plug&Play terminals enable the user to choose which AF bit output to connect to each of the seven channels of the OEM audio system
    • It is also possible to bridge the outputs of the AF bit amplifier
  3. Keep the OEM amplifier on.

The AFBMW ReAMP 3 can also be used with the Audison AP F IN ADP accessory (not included in the box) for full Plug&Play connection to an AP F8.9 bit amplifier.

Application notes:

  1. Compatibility with RAM module-equipped 676 HiFi audio package and Audison AF bit amplifier
    • the use of other products may require modifications and additional connections to the vehicle
    • 676 HiFi systems use 2Ω woofers. Do not bridge two channels into a 2Ω load, since protection shutdown or amplifier damage may result. To use bridged channel, the user needs to replace the OEM 2Ω woofers with Audison APBMW S8-4.2 4Ω woofers. Please, make sure to confirm proper bridge wiring.
  2. Use the Hi-level input configuration #11 (2-way front + rear + center) during the bit Drive Wizard configuration process. This is essential to properly route the input signal to the bit processor section.
  3. Confirm proper application
    • APBMW ReAMP 1, APBMW ReAMP 2 and AFBMW ReAMP 3 use identical connectors, but with different pinouts. They are not interchangeable.
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Made for BMW and Mini

Retrieve the OEM source front and rear stereo audio signal

Plug & Play

This Plug & Play harness provides the ability to bi-amplify the front speakers of BMW and MINI vehicles that are not provided with an OEM amplifier

OEM amp outputs routing

Route the AP bit amp outputs to each of the OEM amplifier seven channels : Mid-Hi FL; Mid-Hi FR; WF FL; WF FR; RL; RR; Centre

OEM power supply

Recover the power supply of the OEM amplifier to be used with the AP bit (+ BATT and GND)

OEM remote recover

Recover the remote signal from the factory source