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AP 6.5P
Woofer component

AP 6.5P woofer component has been designed to perform at its best in OEM placements, combining excellent power handling and efficiency featuring a very wide excursion to cope with the most important dynamic peaks without any compression. Its impressive magnetic assembly provides the energy needed for perfect control even during limit excursions. The CCAW (Copper- Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil (32 x 14 mm, 1.25 x 0.55 in) optimally manages the greater applied power. The basket was completely redesigned with the aid of simulations to lower the resistance of air flows, while maintaining compact sizes to facilitate the installation.

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Technical Data
Comp Woofer
Size 165 mm (6,5″)
Power Handling 110 W Continuous Power
330 W Peak Power
Impedance 4 Ω
Frequency Response 50 ÷ 5k Hz
Sensitivity 92,5 dB/Spl
Magnet High density flux ferrite

Voice Coil Ø

32 mm (1.26″)

Cone Water-repellent treated paper cone