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2-way system for BMW-MINI

The two-way APBMW K4E kit creates a three-dimensional sound stage and give the musical message the essential timbre accuracy

The 100 mm (4″) midrange is provided with a water-repellent pressed-paper cone, a material providing natural sound. It features a low resonance frequency that allows hi-pass cut-off in the 150-200 Hz range for an excellent mid-low reproduction

The 25 mm coil and Tetolon dome tweeter features a great extension on both medium and high frequencies and is optimized for off-axis output, for an extended sound stage in the three dimensions, that amplifies the perception of reality in the car cabin. 

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Neodymium Magnetic group

To maximize performance while minimizing bulk and weight.

25 mm (1") fiberglass woofer voice coil

For high power dissipation and stiffness.

Waterproof pressed-paper cone

For medium natural frequencies free from any plastic resonance.

Aluminium die-cast basket

With Plug & Play connectors.

30 cm extension provided

Featuring Plug & Play connectors, for high flexibility of installation.

Damping removable motor cover
Specially developed for the upgrade of BMW-Mini featuring factory 2 way systems

To create an extended sound stage in the three dimensions, amplifying the perception of reality in the car cabin.

25 mm Tetolon coil tweeter

With dispersion characteristics optimized with FEM simulations.

Tweeter support supplied

For Plug&Play OEM placements.

Crossover equipped with high quality components

With Plug&Play connections.