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APBMW S8-2.2
Subwoofer for BMW-MINI

Audison has engineered a 200 mm shallow-frame underseat woofer for BMW and MINI. These can be used as replacements with OEM amplification, but best results are attained when used in a system upgrade that includes Audison Forza bit amplifiers and BMW integration harnesses.

Audison R&D used an injection-molded frame with graphite fibers (to increase rigidity), and a neodymium magnet for a smaller size (important with the inverted-magnet configuration). The 2”/50mm voice coil is the largest used in any BMW replacement woofer. The inverted-magnet design has a top vent in the pole, to extend thermal performance and power handling. The acoustically-transparent fabric cover keeps debris off of the speaker cone, which prevents distorted sound in the under-seat location.

The APSBMW S8-2.2 2Ω woofer allows more power to be delivered from a single amplifier channel. In many higher-performance BMW systems, the underseat woofer is used on a single set of channels as midbass drivers with purposefully-limited sub-bass extension (while a larger subwoofer does its work in the trunk playing the lowest notes). The APSBMW S8-2 is also perfect for this midbass application.

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Technical Data
Component Woofer
Size  mm (in.)  200 (8) 
Power Handling  W peak 

W continuos 



Impedance  Ω 
Frequency Response  Hz  40 ÷ 500 
Magnet size D x d x h  mm 


48 (1.89) x 18 (0.71) x 7 (0.28) 
Weight of one speaker  kg (lb.)  1,21 (2.67) 
Voice Coil Ø  mm (in.)  50 (2) 
Neodymium Magnetic group

To maximize performance while minimizing bulk and weight.

Developed with electroacoustic parameters customized for BMW-Mini

To increase listening engagement, through powerful and crisp low frequencies, exploiting the acoustic load provided by the factory box.

38 mm voice coil wound on aluminium support

For a considerable power dissipation and stability even during high excursions.

Two 5 mm gaskets provided

For OEM placements.

2 ohm configuration for maximum output

In combination with AP 8.9 bit in active multi-amplification.